Unistall not working completely

I installed Odrive on one of my computer to test it, liked it, and wanted to install it on my new computer. Now I want to delete it from the first computer I installed it on.
I ran the uninstallation file and Odrive is not there anymore, but the folder is still showing in my explorer (see picture)

and I can’t seem to find how to remove it.

Have you tried rebooting your machine after the uninstall?

Yes, I did restart it.

How did you uninstall it? Via Control Panel or just the uninstall file?

  1. First I would check in Control Panel under Software if oDrive still appears in the list.
  2. If it does remove it and reboot.
  3. If not, you can try to install it again. The uninstall it, but this time from Control Panel directly, not via the uninstall file.
  4. If above did not help, you’ll have to go deeper into the registry and manually remove any leftovers of oDrive.

But first, let’s see how far you get with these steps.

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Thanks for the assist @Zaiser_Richard. This is actually something we need to add to the uninstall.

@Sophie_Charpentier to get rid of that error you will need to follow step #5 in this post:

@Tony No problem. Always glad to help.

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Thanks you to both of you, it worked!

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