Uninstall ODrive from Mac


I installed ODrive to my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015
MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.4

After trying it out for a night I uninstalled it by moving the Odrive directory from the Applications folder to the trash.
Then I went to the terminal and typed,
rm -R .odrive

Then verified the hidden directory is removed from ~/.odrive

At this point I noticed that when I right click on anything I still see the option to add things to Odrive. But the whole option is not there. Just the logo and next to it, it says “No options available”. I would like to make sure this is completely removed from my computer.

Does anyone know how I can remove this completely so that I no longer see the remnants of Odrive installed on my MBP?


Hi @ndiaz,
Please take a look here for a complete uninstall:


Dude you are a boss. Thanks that worked like a charm! Have a good one man!


No worries @ndiaz.

Sorry odrive didn’t work for your use case. We are still developing like crazy, so make sure to check back with us from time to time.


Well if it helps let me give you some feedback. I am a software engineer and I wanted to use it to quickly connect to servers and be able to browse them as if they were on my computer. I have been using ExpanDrive but I have noticed it is very slow.

I know you guys seem to be targeting a different audience, but if that feature gets added to help my workflow I would gladly try it again!


Hi @ndiaz,
We offer links to WebDAV, FTP, and SFTP. Those can be used to browse remote servers and sync data between them and your local system. Is that what you are looking for?

Look here under “Standard Protocols”: https://www.odrive.com/links


Awesome thanks man. I will check it out. Maybe I did not give it a fair chance.


Followed your instructions to the letter.
Removed odrive AND all my data from my internal HD!


Hi @dnvn,
Can you clarify which instructions you followed? The mac script will rename the odrive folder to odrive_[current date and time], so make sure you look for that folder instead of the odrive folder.

The script is very explicit in the things it deletes, so it won’t delete anything it isn’t supposed to.


In terms of uninstalling odrive from Mac, would you recommend the following steps to ensure files will remain on odrive.

  1. Unsync all folders on odrive (files will remain in the cloud)
  2. Perform the uninstall steps from the post above: ‘How do I uninstall odrive?’

Please advise.


Hi @digiform,
Unsyncing is not necessary, but it can help give you a heads up if there are items in odrive that have not synced yet. I can’t recommend it as part of the standard uninstall since unsync is a Premium feature and not everyone can perform that step.