Unexpected odrive items showing up on the desktop after using "sync to odrive" (@ScrollMedia)

My odrive has begun syncing my odrive folder ONTO my desktop. While I want my desktop synced, I didn’t want to merge the two folders. Also, odrive has been erroring lately. I would add a file to my desktop and it would disappear. I later found those copies on my main odrive folder online (which has since begun syncing directly onto the desktop). Please advise.

I suspect that when you used “sync to odrive” on your desktop folder that you selected the destination folder to be the root of one of your linked storages rather than a corresponding “Desktop” folder inside your linked storage.

The way “sync to odrive” works is that it will sync the local folder you have selected with the exact remote folder you have selected. It will not create a new folder with the same name as your local folder. So, for example, let’s say you are using Amazon Cloud Drive (ACD) as the storage in this case. If you wanted to sync your local Desktop folder to a remote Desktop folder in the cloud, you would want to create an Empty “Desktop” folder in ACD (/ACD/Desktop) and then you would point your local desktop folder to that empty remote Desktop folder.

If you happened to point your local desktop folder to /ACD/ instead, you would see all of the content in your ACD account start to show up on your Desktop.

Does that make sense?

Alright. Is there a way to see which connections do or do not exist?

I “remove sync”'d my desktop, then initiated new sync and created the “Desktop” folder.

Then it created that new folder ON my desktop in some strange sync loop. I’m getting weird sci-fi vibes at this point.

Can you submit a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu. We can analyze it and see what might be the issue here.


Done, per your request and the 20-char requirement for this reply post.

Taking a look, I actually don’t see the Desktop as a “sync to odrive folder”. Do you see it listed in the odrive tray menu under “Move odrive folder”? It should say “Open Desktop folder”.

Since the previous mount may be causing some confusion, it may be best to close the odrive desktop and clean up your local Desktop directory before trying to link it again. The idea would be to bring it back to roughly the state it was prior to trying to sync it to your remote storage. Specifically you should at least remove all of the placeholder files in there.

Once it is cleaned-up, you can try syncing it to the remote Desktop folder and see if it is now behaving as expected.