Unexpected error while syncing external folder


I can see that this topic is one of the recurring topics, but unfortunately, having gone through most of them, I can’t seem to find a resolution for my trouble.

I have sync’d an external folder to Amazon Drive. It’s got about 14 GB of data. Every sub-folder/file within the main sync’d folder was handled properly, except for 2 folders:

  1. This folder contains symbolic links to other folders
  2. This contains a bunch of files related to my programming work.

Whenever I try to sync any of these folders, I keep getting the “Can’t sync folder, unexpected error” message.

Any help?


Hi @anirvan.majumdar,
Usually this is due to broken symlinks. I assume you are using MacOS. If so, you can take a look at this post on stackexchange for locating broken symlinks. https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/38691

You can also send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and I can take a look

Hi Tony,

I’m using El Capitan.

Also, “symlinks” would explain one of the folders that’s not getting sync’d. The other one has no symlink. It just contains code related stuff.


Oh – and I’ve sent a diagnostic report.

Hi @anirvan.majumdar,
Can you trigger the exception again and then send another diagnostic?
Can you also provide the path(s) for the items that are having issues?

Hi Tony,

I’ve sent across the error reports after trying to sync the 2 problematic folders.

The paths for the folders are:

  • /nginx <== this one contains the symlinks
  • /source <== this one only contains code related stuff and no symlinks

Hi @anirvan.majumdar,
I see a few filesystem errors that may be causing this. Since odrive will abort on the first error, I can’t tell if there are more.

OSError([Errno 62] Too many levels of symbolic links: '/Users/anirban/work/urbanpiper/nginx/branch/branch
This one looks like a self-referencing symlink

OSError([Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/anirban/work/urbanpiper/source/server/venv/env0/bin/ENV.sh
This one looks like a broken symlink

Did you try any of the methods in the stackexchange post for finding broken symlinks?

Hi Tony,

This is pretty insightful. And no, I didn’t look for a post for broken links. I’ll go search for one.

Thanks again!

Hi @anirvan.majumdar,
I posted a link in my post above which had a few methods:

Hi Tony,

Is it possible to extend my trial period by another week? I think it’ll end today and due to the symlink issue I wasn’t able to really test out odrive.


Hi @anirvan.majumdar,
Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

odrive offers a full, no-questions-asked, instant refund if you cancel the Premium subscription within 30 days of purchase. You can use that to effectively get another 30-day trial, if you like. If this won’t work for you, please message me directly and I’ll see what I can do.

Hi Tony,

No issues. I’ve gone ahead and purchased a premium plan to setup by systems. Will reach out if I face any issues.

Thanks for all the help!

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Great! Thanks @anirvan.majumdar