Unable to use external folders located on ZFS file system?

We have a RAID array attached to a mac mini. This storage is handled by a ZFS filesystem. We are unable to attach folders in this filesystem to our odrive. We are able to perform all steps to setup the sync but no file transfer is taking place. When we select “sync to odrive” for the particular folder a permission error is displayed.

Which permissions are needed for the ZFS share?

Hi @michael.bleistein,
I happened across this post while searching and realized that it was never responded to. My apologies for that. Occasionally things are missed here if its a really busy day.

I have not tried to use “sync to odrive” on a ZFS share before, so I don’t have experience in making it work, but I can certainly try to help you on it if its still something you are looking at doing.


Hi Tony,

sorry for the delay, ready to check bfs with odrive…

Can you tell me what the permission error is that you are seeing?
Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?


Hi Tony,

I was investigating the problem this morning. It is NOT related to the ZFS file system. It was a ACL problem giving odrive no permission to save the “.odrive” file.

The given reports from the system are a bit misleading. Trying to share the folders with the finder content menu “sync to odrive” gave no UI errors. The only indication of failure was - no sync happening and the menu entry “sync to odrive” in the menu bar showed the folder name with an [invalid] mark…

P.S.: Is there a possibility to run the background tasks with maybe even without user login as a specific user?

Thanks @michael.bleistein,
So you were able to resolve by adding write permissions?

Can you tell me what you mean by “background tasks”?