Unable to upload using box and google drive

Hi, I added my box account to odrive and I was able to download the required files. But when I try to upload files, they are getting stacked into waiting and were not able to get uploaded even after long time.
The problem was similar for google drive where I can download but not upload the files.

I also tried with my dropbox account and I found that it was able to download and upload the required files. Can anyone tell what is the problem I’m facing.

Thank you.

Can you try uploading the file from the web client? You might be able to see a better error message.

Files in waiting are typically waiting for some temporary error to clear. It could be network issues, rate limiting issues, etc.

We need to add an explanation dialog for files in waiting. I’ll make a note of that for development.

Thank you for the reply.
I tested if I can upload files from my ‘Box’ desktop application (folder - not related to odrive) and also from web. Both of them worked fine. Problem is still persisting in odrive.

Can you try uploading from odrive’s web client?

Uploading via odrive web client is working !!!

Ok. That means the integration is fine. There is a problem connecting to Box from sync. Can you go to the system icon and click “Send Diagnostics”? This will give us some more details to figure out what’s going on with Box.

I think I sent the diagnostics. Please check it.

Thanks. That helped. We can see an SSL problem talking to Box. We are looking into it …

Are you running behind a proxy or have a proxy setup on your network connection?

Yes, I am behind proxy

When I turned off proxy and used different mode of internet, I was able to upload. I think it is the problem of keeping proxy. Is there any way to make it work inside proxy internet as most of the time I am using proxy internet.

We don’t support proxy fully at the moment, but it is on our list.

Ok. Thanks for the reply.