Unable to sync several files on Mac


I have a situation about syncing on macOS Sierra with Amazon Cloud. There are several files which has “cloud” extension inside an already synced folder. The error says “Unable to sync xxx.cloud. / This file is not inside an odrive folder” when I try to open the file. This is obviously malfunctioning because these all files are difinitely on the Amazon Cloud and I can see it on the web. I’ve purchased the subscription before expiry.

Does anyone know how solve this issue?


Hi @utv,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and let me know the paths of the files that are having the issue?

Hi Tony,

I sent my diagnostics from the menu a short time ago. I said several files, but actually so many files are in same issue.

This is a one of many:
/Users/xxx/Odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/iTunes/sentinel.cloud

xxx is my user name but it only consists of alphabetical letters. No multi-byte letters are included. Once I try to open context menu on the file, “No options available” for the odrive menu and been grey out.

I found tons of files which used be in sync (means automatically deleted?) in the Trash inexplicably despite “Set auto unsync” is turned off. Seemingly, once these files are automatically deleted and then re-synced wrongly, finally, to be this situation.

Thank you,

Additionally, If I open context menu on synced file/folder which shows tick on blued circle as an overlay, only “Sync to odrive” option available even it has been already synced.

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Hi @utv,
It looks like you may have changed the odrive folder name to Odrive, with a uppercase “O” instead of a lowercase “o”. This could be causing a mismatch. Can you change that back to “o” and see if it resolved the issue?

Hi Tony,

Resumed syncing successfully after I rename to the original drive name as you suggested. But, some files still something went wrong, have been kept under out-of-sync even it’s inside of synced folder. If I try to open the remaining un-synced file with double click, an error occurs that says Amazon internal error (this is not precise text because I forgot the correct message).

Eventually, I re-installed the odrive and tried restarting my computer, and then works fine so far.

Thank you,

Thanks for the update! I’m glad things are working again, but I wonder what the issue was there…

Just let us know if you see it again.