Unable to sync .cloudf folder (Mac)

Attempting to sync .cloud files & .cloudf folders gives me the following error:

Unable to sync x.cloudf.
Please check your network connection or manage your proxy settings.

I’ve tried multiple different folders from multiple sources (Amazon & Dropbox), as well as from multiple different wireless networks.

Was odrive working previously, or is this the first time you’ve tried to use it? Do you have any proxy settings or anything else that may be in the middle of the network connection path (like a firewall)?

Can you try submitting a diagnostic report from the odrive tray menu?


I’m not sure if odrive was working on this computer previously or not. I’m using odrive to sync between multiple computers, so I know that it’s working on my other mac, but idk about this one.

I just double checked my network settings, I don’t have any proxy’s set up, nor any firewalls (my default mac firewall is off as well).

I’ll submit a diagnostic report now.

Thanks. Can you try restarting odrive and attempting to sync a cloud file or folder again? If it still fails, can you also try adding a new file into a folder inside on of your linked services? I want to see if uploads are failing as well. After that, send another diagnostic please.


Restarting it once didn’t help, but then restarting a second time worked. Everything seems to be syncing and uploading / downloading properly. Weird. Thanks for the help and the prompt customer service, much appreciated.

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