Unable to sync - already an odrive folder (Windows)

I had a folder on a NAS that was in sync (on my R Drive)

I selected unsync, then cut and pasted the folder to a separate drive in the NAS (on my S Drive) and re-selected sync (Per a post I saw in the forum) but I now get the error’ Unable to sync - already an odrive folder".

Looking for suggestions to fix this.

(Since posting I re-named the folder and setup sync and copied everything up to the cloud again, however, would still like to know the fix so don’t have to copy everything next time this happens)


Hi @russell2,
You were using “sync to odrive”, correct? You also selected “remove sync” when you right-clicked on the folder and not “unsync”?

Remove sync should remove the relationship and allow you to set it up again with another folder using the same name. If it wasn’t, then you would see this error.

Another possibility is, if the folder was copied prior to removing sync, then it probably copied the .odrive file in the “sync to odrive” folder. This is probably the reason odrive thought the folder was already being used as a “sync to odrive” folder under that name.