Unable to open drive files in Mac


Don’t know if due to upgrading to macOS High Sierra but when I double click a Google Document or Spreadsheet I get a blank new window of chrome.

I must open Google files from Drive in the browser by my own.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @fernando,
Are other file types working fine and are you able sync odrive placeholder files by double-clicking on them?

When clicking on a Google file, odrive will try to open a browser to Google under that account. What could also be happening is that odrive is not signed in properly. Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and then let me know when that has been sent?

Hi Tony, thank you for your kind answer,

I think this issue is related to macOS, the links in Slack app have the same behavior.

Every macOS upgrade bring us new surprises!!!

I just have sent you diagnostic from the odrive menu.


Hi @fernando,
I took a look at the diagnostic, but I don’t see anything that sticks out from an odrive perspective. A reinstall of the software may be able to re-create the associations that were broken during the upgrade.

When the chrome window opens, is there anything in the address bar, or is it blank?