Two files that never survive sync. Quicken and Avast

There are two files that never seem to survive the sync process for me.

First, and most importantly is my quicken file. When this file gets synced from one computer, (uploaded to cloud) then synced on another computer (downloaded from cloud) I can never open it with quicken. It always tells me it is for a unrecognized version of Quicken and I have to uninstall quicken, install some ancient edition, then upgrade… not going to happen! BUT, if I simply copy the file onto a thumb drive and transfer it to the other computer, it opens just fine!

The second file that never seems to survive is my license key for avast antivirus software. Same thing, If I try to sync the file onto another computer and use to validate my subscription, the file is unrecognized. If I copy it via a thumb drive, it works just fine.

Is there some sort of parity bit that is getting dropped or corrupted? Has anyone else experienced something similar?

The quicken one is the biggest pain because I need to be able to use quicken on two different computers depending on where I am.

Thoughts? Comments? Help?

I don’t use Quicken, but a quick look around Google shows a lot of people complaining it doesn’t work with other common synch tools either - this is likely not an odrive-specific issue, and likely just that Quicken doesn’t like other things touching its files.

As for the license key file, I don’t use Avast either (the default Windows one is fine for me), but I have other software that uses license files that also have issues with synching - this is usually because the license file is “machine-bound” in that the software uses a machine-unique key in the file when it is created. Are you able to manually register your subscription on the other PC and then compare the two license files to see if they’re the same? If they are, then this could be an odrive issue, but if they’re not, it’s likely the file is machine-bound.

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Hi @john.shelley,
As @yukihyou stated above, Quicken (Intuit software in general, actually) has a bit of a reputation for not working properly in sync scenarios. I had previously investigated an issue with Quickbooks, which is made by the same company as Quicken. What I found was that it seemed that Intuit was actively trying to prevent this type of scenario. You can take a look at this post for more details: Odrive is not syncing my files on my laptop (Quickbooks qwb)

For Avast, I do not know. odrive doesn’t do any manipulation of data and syncs it as it exists on the system. Is it possible that the file is open by the Avast process on the current system and it is modified in some way when that happens. I suppose calculating a hash of the the files and comparing on the 1st and 2nd system would show us if there are any actual differences in the files. Have you tried zipping up the file first, before syncing?