Transferring to Pro & 'External Folders'

I have been using the free version of Odrive that requires me to move or copy the folders I which to upload to Amazon Cloud Drive (ACD) to be underneath the Odrive folder, so it will be seen and uploaded. Since I am using Odrive as a replacement for Backup (until your Backup enhancement comes out), I actually copy my folders going to ACD to the odrive folder, let them upload, then delete the copy I moved. Of course, I have to re-copy the folders periodically to the odrive folder to ‘refresh’ the copy on ACD. It is a very tedious workaround, but preserves my disk layout which is required by other programs I use, which would be ‘broken’ if I left the uploading folders under odrive.

With the Pro Upgrade, I can now right click any folder on my computer and elect to ‘sync’ it without moving it first to the odrive folder. Wonderful!

My concern is how will the current copies of my files, e.g. which were in Folder A under the odrive folder when uploaded to ACD last week, react with the new copy of the same Folder A (maybe now with a few updates) which will be uploaded from where it is now, e.g. under my Pictures folder?

Can I just plow ahead and right click/sync the same folders that I have put on ACD with the free odrive and expect all to go well.

If not, what is the proper procedure to move from the Free to the Pro version of Odrive?

Thanks for your input.

odrive will try to avoid re-uploading data wherever it can. If you map a local folder into a location that already exists, odrive will try to identify that and not re-upload.

You can try it on a smaller folder to see the effect.

For your use case, backup will probably be ideal. Sync will work, but its a heavy process for a backup use case. How much data are you currently backing up regularly?


Hi Tony,

Currently, I backup about 400 GB, but only a few GB of that changes (mostly additions) each week. About each few weeks, I try to identify all the new and changed data folders and copy them to the Odrive folder until they are sent to ACD. Undoubtedly, I miss some folders with new material, but Apple’s Time Machine will automatically backup new material on my main iMac HDD to a local external drive. Then I delete the copied folders (from under the Odrive folder), rinse, wash and repeat a few weeks later.

Most of my additions are new pictures taken as part of my hobby. Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop know where many hundreds of folders and 60K pictures are on my HDDs and they do not readily accommodate moving those folder around. I also have Excel sheets linked to hundreds of photos and those links break if the path to the photos is broken.

According to your ‘Free & Premium Features’ list, it appears to say (my reading) that the forthcoming Backup feature will allow backups and versioning of ‘External Folders’ on local and external disks, without moving them to an Odrive folder.

Can you confirm my above statement?

Your statement is correct. The forthcoming backup feature (which we are trying to get out as quick as we can) will allow you to backup folders where they exist, instead of having to move them around.

It is similar to our existing “sync to odrive” feature, except sync to odrive is two-way full sync, so changes on either side will reflect to the other.

Given your initial post, I believe you’ve already seen this feature, but you can read more about that here: