Too hard to find information as a new user - Where are the FAQs?

I’ve had odrive for maybe a year but never tried it. Finally did last night. Fortunately, I don’t have a crying need for it so whatever you do or don’t won’t kill me. Here are some issues:
Your FAQ for both odrive and this forum are really poor. I see new users repeatedly run into issues yet you have no FAQ that covers anything except a sales brochure. I spent maybe hours trying to figure out your terminology in regard to how your system works so that I don’t inadvertently wipe out my cloud data, etc.
How many people have asked about unsyncing in the free version (and how are they even supposed to know what unsync really means)? You claim odrive doesn’t use up space, well, not true for free version, so a ton of time is wasted by each of us trying to figure out what we don’t understand. Now I know, the free version eventually fills up your disk as you touch any of your files. It isn’t a misunderstanding, odrive does not do what it claims when you use the free version. Yes, you could save potential clients tons of time by simply explaining what works and doesn’t work in the free version. Your claim is for the paid version. (Seriously, is the person who first installs odrive really supposed to inherently know what “unsync” means when it is a principal piece of your odrive concept and it has been disabled for the free version?)
What happens if I delete my odrive folder then fire up odrive? Beats me, but I don’t want to find out by suddenly finding my entire cloud gone. Gee, would an FAQ entry be good for that? By experiment, I found that is exactly what you do when I delete a file, and probably folder. Why should it, they are just virtual pointers, right? Don’t think it is absolutely clear what damage you would do, it isn’t. If I take a picture of something and throw away the picture, that “something” doesn’t get destroyed. See what I mean? May be clear to you, but aren’t FAQ’s to inform and help out? Wouldn’t it make more sense to warn that something was “damaged” while odrive was not running, or some such instead of blindly delete things from the cloud - and not even mention it?
Yes, I get nervous when a simple twitch can delete my entire cloud, which is why with the odrive decision to make the non-space taking pointers turn into space taking real files for the free version coupled with the possibility of real damage will probably make me get rid of odrive after a quick look.
With minimal brain power, you could take questions that you repeatedly get and add them to an FAQ for odrive. You haven’t, just sales info on all the swell ways you can use odrive (with absolutely zero possible problems or issues). Not exactly an FAQ.
Your FAQ for the forum is as bad. It says be nice. Well, that is pretty useless, right? Could you tell me that you’ll be putting in my name in comments and where to change that and other information that the forum has? Do you just tag on questions when you see a thread? Do you look to see if your question has been asked? Any other forum 101 comments you should put in an FAQ as opposed to “play nice”?
I’d probably have more substantial points to ask about or suggest you clarify, but with the level of danger of using odrive and the minimal value to me (over my use of dropbox, google drive, and others), I don’t think I’ll have it long enough to generate more suggestions before I decide the risk vs. reward is just not there for the free version.
I hope this is helpful…

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Thanks for the feedback @Joe_B.

You certainly have some good points, and I am listening. Unfortunately a lot of my time is spent reacting rather than adding proactive content. I always end up getting bogged down with other things and the proactive stuff goes by the wayside. I will make a better effort here. I also hope that some of our fine users can assist in adding/organizing things to help the community here, too.

There is an ever-growing faq, but it is not as obvious as it should be, and there are probably several posts that should be added. I will see what I can do to make this more visible:

The general forum FAQ is more of a forum conduct FAQ. Truthfully, it is mostly what was default for Discourse, which is what we are using for our forum here. It should be updated and have added information on where to find the usage guide and the FAQ tagged posts, etc. I have added that as an item on my to-do list.

I’m also not sure if you saw the usage guide here:

There is also a pinned topic in the “I Have a Question” thread that tries to list many of the best resources for new users. The faq-tagged posts were not listed there, but I have added that now:

As for your comments on deleting items, I am actually not following. The behavior you are describing is certainly not expected. We’ve actually gone to a lot of trouble to make sure users can’t accidentally delete things.

  • All local deletes, be it files or folders, are held in the “odrive trash” and those deletes are not committed until you empty the odrive trash from the odrive tray menu (unless you have set Auto Empty Trash).

  • If you moved or deleted the entire odrive folder, odrive will be unable to find it. When in that state it is actually impossible for odrive to delete anything. It will mark the odrive folder as missing in the odrive tray menu and then wait for the user to correct.

  • If you remove a linked folder, it will also be held in the odrive trash. If you empty the trash, the storage will be unlinked, but nothing will be deleted.

Can you clarify that part for me please?


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I agree with the OP. Odrive capability seems pretty good; however, like any tool, it’s useless if you don’t fully understand how to operate it.

I have a moderate amount of patience for trial and error, but then I’m forced to document my own discoveries so that six months later I can repeat them – not really a scalable option.

I’d hope you would devote no additional time to new features until the current features are professionally documented. Documentation is part of the software, if you expect other to use it. (FAQs are nice, but are usually a disorganized catch-all. Better to have someone who knows how to write user documentation organize and write it out.)

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