Tons of files showing up in main folder

I am having this issue where a bunch of files that live in sub folders are getting duplicated and placed in my main folder. I have had this same issue happen three times and in the past I simply deleted the duplicate files but I would like to find a true solution this time around.

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Hi @acatalfamo,

Can you send over a diagnostic from the odrive menu and let us know when you do?


Just sent a diagnostic. Thanks!

I am experiencing the same issue.

Hi @aaronmanderson ,

Would you mind shooting us a diagnostic as well?

Thank you!

Hi @aaronmanderson and @acatalfamo,

Quick question: Are you guys using Amazon storage? If so please see this thread for more information:

It basically boils down to an issue on Amazon’s backend and is affecting a large amount of users. Hopefully this is something they will get fixed soon!

Yup. Thanks for the info!

Yes, I am using Amazon Drive! Thank you for the information.