Time stamps lost when reassembling large files

I’ve uploaded several large files from OS X 10.10.5 to Amazon Cloud Drive without any issue. I’ve instructed odrive to split the files (30 MB to 3 GB) in chunks of 100 MB.

After uploading, I’ve successfully unsynced the files to reclaim disk space. When I sync the placeholder files however, the files are reassembled but the original time stamps are lost. The reassembled files get timestamps for created and modified equal to the time the reassembly took place.

I would expect that upon reassembly, the created and modified metadata of the original large file is re-applied. Is there anything I’m overlooking?

This sounds like a bug. We actually have our own mechanism for tracking original timestamps for Amazon, since they don’t offer a method natively (files carry the upload timestamp instead of the original one). This is probably running into an issue during the IFS reassembly process. We will take a look.


Hi Tony,

Thanks for your response. Can you give an indication when you expect to resolve this issue? Is there anything I can do to help, e.g. send some information, providing screenshots or similar?