Time Machine standstill

I installed Ddrive to be able to access my personal documents stored in Dropbox and Google Drive on my work MacBook Air with El Capitan. I have found that my Time Machine backups have become very, very slow. (e.g. this AM my backup size was about 950MB. It backed up about 224MB relatively quickly and then has slowed to a crawl.). Is this possibly caused by ODrive or could it be another cause (e.g. recently upgraded El Capitan or Outlook 2016 not working well with Time Machine)? If it is ODrive, is best way to deal with this by going into Time Machine settings and excluding ODrive from the backup (these files are backed up anyway in cloud i suppose)?


Hi Andy,
I would certainly try excluding odrive from Time Machine. As you said, it is already being synced to the cloud.

I haven’t heard of this issue before and I would be surprised if odrive was causing the slowdown. It is probably going to be a process of elimination to determine if some external application is causing it.

You could try to figure out what area of the filesystem it is backing up when the slowdown starts to happen by using lsof from the terminal. I believe the timemachine process is backupd, but you may need to verify that. I it is you may be able to use something like this to see where time machine is currently working:

lsof -nPl | grep backupd