Taking screenshots takes long time on macOS Mojave when odrive is installed


After updating macOS from High Sierra to Mojave, it’s taking 10~seconds to take macOS default screenshot (CMD + SHIFT + 3) when odrive is running. When I disable odrive then taking screenshots works less than a second. Is there any workaround with this issue?

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Hi @flowfreestar,
We haven’t seen this behavior before. On our own Mojave systems screenshots are pretty much instantaneous while odrive is running.

Can you tell me about your odrive setup and how you are using it?
Are you seeing this delay every time you take a screenshot?
Where are your screenshots being saved to?
Does it make a difference if you disable the odrive Finder extension (System Preferences -> Extensions)?


I’m using odrive 6453 using Google Drive and Dropbox for syncing,

I’m seeing this delay every time I’m taking a screenshot. After about 10 seconds screenshots are being saved on desktop.

Quitting odrive and disabling just odrive Finder extension and Relaunching Finder using CMD + OPTION + ESC will fix this problem.

Hi @flowfreestar,
I did a lot more testing today and I was able to reproduce this behavior.

What I find interesting is that the delay continues even after all odrive processes are gone (odrive and odriveFinderExtension) and there is no odrive code running, at all. Finder has to be restarted (without loading the Finder Extension) before this delay disappears. This indicates to me that it is likely something strange going on with the way that Finder is loading Finder Extensions and not the odrive code, itself. Perhaps a new bug introduced Mojave.

We are continuing to dig to see if we can uncover anything.

Hi @Tony

Thank you for the checking.

I hope you will find a solution for this. I also find out drag and dropping web images from a web browser (like Chrome) to a desktop gives a delay for an image to appear when running odrive.

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Hi @Tony

Is there any updates on this issue? Since I’m taking screenshots a lot on my daily basis, I have to stop odrive and restart Finder every time I need to take screenshots which is a bit cumbersome. I’ve updated odrive client to 6475 but the issue still seems to exist.

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Hi @flowfreestar,
We don’t have a fix for this yet. It is actually not clear how we can fix this, since it seems to be behavior that is rooted in the Finder code.

We are releasing a new version soon that will make it easier to disable the finder extension, so that you can keep odrive running but disable the extension, if needed. The current odrive versions will automatically enable the extension, even if it has been disabled.

Hi @flowfreestar,
I just wanted to let you know that we’ve released the version that allows disabling the Finder extension without automatic re-enabling. This doesn’t fix the issue, but will allow you to disable the extension and still keep odrive running.