Syncing then waiting

I am noticing that files I see under the “syncing changes” list one moment, with a certain percentage being listed, are suddenly back in the “waiting” list the next time I check. Why is this happening, and how do I stop it from happening? It’s as if odrive just decides to stop syncing a file at a certain percentage and then dump it and put it in the queue to start over later, then proceed to so it again and again.

Hi @garycadwising,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

Typically this indicates an issue during the sync attempt (network error, for example), so odrive puts the file back in the queue for another try.

Does the diagnostic need to be run after odrive has been running for a while, or can I send a report shortly after restarting the program. I exited odrive last night and just restarted it after reading your response.

Hi @garycadwising,
The diagnostic only captures a small period of time, so you will want to run it after seeing the behavior you described above.

I sent a diagnostic a couple hours or so ago. I hope it was long enough to detect anything that might be an issue.

Hi @garycadwising,
I was able to take a look at the diagnostic and I can see that OneDrive is throwing errors on some of these uploads in the middle. It looks like these are mostly larger files, which are going to be more prone to failure because of the length of time it takes to upload, which increases the chance of hitting some sort of error.

Sometimes I suggest that users try to break up their uploads in these cases, so that odrive can work on a smaller set of large files instead of everything together.

You should see that some things are making it, after some time, but with all of the activity you have going on (it looks to be a lot of bulk uploading), it may take some time to get everything up, especially since OneDrive’s API is more error-prone than others.