Syncing Prime Photos and Amazon Drive with odrive

I have an Amazon Drive account. The Amazon Drive appears to be split into two segments: the drive itself and prime photos. I downloaded odrive so I could sync my Amazon Drive with my odrive, and indeed it synced (yay)…but now I realize that none of my Prime Photos are sync.
I am not sure how to get odrive to sync my Amazon Prime Photos or if that is even possible. I am super confused here…can you actually sync Prime Photos to your desktop with odrive? Are Amazon Drive and Prime Photos two different things, and only Amazon Drive can be sync? I really dont understand why my Amazon Prime Photos wont sync at all with Odrive. If anyone could provide guidance, I would certainly be grateful.

Hi @zwegchen,
Prime Photos and Amazon Drive share the same storage. File uploaded to Prime Photos should be accessible from Amazon Drive.

When uploading items to Prime Photos from the web, the files are put into /Pictures/Web/.

Can you tell me how the photos were added to Prime Photos?

Hi Tony, thanks for your reply.
I mostly used the prime photos phone app to upload all my photos directly from iPhone. And I do see a folder named /picture/zwegchen (the name of my phone) inside odrive. But this folder only contains pictures from 2016 and 2017. On my prime photos web portal, I have pictures all the way from 2013. I’m not sure why these are not being synced.

Hi @zwegchen,
Do you see the photos listed inside Amazon Drive’s web client, in that location? It may be that the images are named with an illegal character, which prevents them from being visible on the desktop. Take a look at this post for more details: Folder created in Amazon Cloud Drive app appears but not contents

Amazon’s app used to name the photos with a “:” character, although I think they may have changed that now.

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