Syncing large files with onedrive

i noticed syncing large files to onedrive with odrive it never finishes. I’m not constantly looking at it but I’ve had a 5 GB file uploading for a couple days and it never finishes.

OneDrive’s API has some issues around large file uploads. This has been an ongoing issue with a couple of sources. We are currently investigating ways that we can work around these types of limitations by breaking up the file, ourselves, to allow for chunked uploads. In the meantime I would recommend trying to upload the file using their webclient. odrive will pick it up as synced once its up there.


is there any news about the uploadproblem via odrive client with file sizes >200 MB with onedrive?

I still have problems here.

Greets from Germany

Hi @schroedinger,
We released a feature called odrive IFS (Infinite File Size) that breaks up files into uploadable segments and stores them in the IFS format in the cloud. You can read more about it here: