Synced version is nothing like online version. (Google Drive)

Hi, I’ve downloaded about 1tb of pictures from amazon cloud storage and I’m uploading them to google drive (business account).

But I modified the folder structure of some folders, so it’s more organized.

But now odrive actually uploaded the pictures that changed folders again, and kept the older pictures on google drive (instead of deleting or moving them)… So on google drive, most of the files are duplicates. But on my computer I don’t see that… Everything is correct.

How can I force odrive do make sure everything looks like the version on my computer? (I’m using an external hard drive, so I will not remove the files from the hard drive… I will keep both versions.)


Hi @albert,
If you were moving items from one storage to another you probably have a bunch of items in the odrive trash that needs to be emptied. Take a look at the odrive menu under “Trash bin”.

For more about the odrive trash, take a look here: