Sync to odrive option not available on external folder


I’ve just installed the odrive on a Windows Server 2008 R2 and after I complete the setup, I right click on the external folder that I want to synchronize, but the odrive options are not showing up on the list. Could you please guide me?

Thanks in advance

I forgot to mention that I’m using the Premium Version.

I also did save a notepad .txt file in there just as a test, and it is not synchronizing at all.

Hi @zmiranda,
Can you tell me about the external folder? How is it mounted on the filesystem?

It will need to be mounted as a drive (assigned a drive letter) in order for the odrive options to show up.

what I mean with external folder, is that it is not inside the Amazon Cloud Drive on odrive. it is on the computer desktop. But the odrive options are not showing to any folder.

I’ve just checked and the notepad file is showing up on Amazon Cloud Drive when I open it online. But I still cannot see the odrive options when I right click any folder to sync it.

Hi @zmiranda,
Do you see odrive options when you click on a folder/file inside an odrive location? Is it only missing on folders outside of odrive?

Do you see icon badging (overlays) on the odrive files?
Do you have any other applications that install context menu options or badging options? If so, those could be interfering.

  1. No
  2. it is missing everywhere. I just now the odrive program is installed because it is showing up on the hidden icons next to the computer’s clock.
  3. No icon badging
  4. No other application

hello? are you there?

Hi @zmiranda,
We do not QA against Windows Server 2008, but the last time I tested I didn’t have any issues with the Explorer extensions, so they should work.

Can you try uninstalling odrive on that system and then reinstalling, but right-click on the setup program and choose “run as administrator”. I want to make sure it is not some sort of permissions issue.

Additionally, do you have any anti-virus, endpoint protection, or firewalls running on that system? There could an application like that that is preventing the extensions from running properly


i did everything as you said. Still no working. There is no antivirus installed and the firewall is turned off. Also, the Server is fully updated till today.

Hi @zmiranda,
Since the Explorer extensions are having issues on your machine, we can use the command line to create the sync mounts.

To do so, follow these instructions:

Open up a command prompt by clicking on the Windows icon in the taskbar, typing “cmd”, and then clicking on “Command Prompt”.

Once the command prompt is open, copy and paste the following command in (all one line) and hit enter. This will install the CLI for us to use in the next command:

powershell -command "& {$comm_bin=\"$HOME\.odrive\common\bin\";$o_cli_bin=\"$comm_bin\odrive.exe\";(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile(\"\", \"$comm_bin\\");$shl=new-object -com shell.application; $shl.namespace(\"$comm_bin\").copyhere($shl.namespace(\"$comm_bin\\").items(),0x10);del \"$comm_bin\\";}"

Once the CLI is finished installing (it could take a minute or two), you can issue a ‘mount’ command to create a sync folder, like this:

"%userprofile%\.odrive\common\bin\odrive.exe" mount "[local\path\here]" "[remote/path/here]"

For example:
"%userprofile%\.odrive\common\bin\odrive.exe" mount "C:\Users\T\Desktop" "/Amazon Drive/Desktop"

This will create a sync to odrive folder, as specified.