"Sync to odrive" - duplication?

Hi There

I am busy evaluating my entire file backup and sync strategy and so far odrive looks promising, particularly since I read that you are planning on new pricing packages.

A core need of mine is to sync disparate folder on my local system to the cloud since I have several drives all with tons of data (20+ Tb worth). So I would like to sync X:\Data1 to GoogleDrive\Data1 while Z:\Videos2 syncs to OneDrive\Videos2

Most cloud clients out there seem to insist on having all local sync data bundles in one common folder and then sub-devide from there. This doesn’t work due to simple disk space availability.

I found odrive’s “Sync to odrive” option in the context menu of my folders and at first thought, this is it. I gave it a try and then noticed that while it did exactly what I want and expect, it ALSO synced these files to its “common” odrive folder. So my X:\Data1 synced to GoogleDrive\Data1 but then synced back down to C:\users…\odrive\GoogleDrive\Data1. My C drive is far to small to have all this data and having the placeholder there is confusing as hell for anyone that doesn’t know exactly what has been set up.

Is this the intended behaviour or am I missing a trick?

Hi @anon76823793,
That is a lot of data. It is possible you may run into some overhead issues with that scale of data. Sync is a much heavier process than traditional backup. I expound on this more in this post, if you would like to take a look: Backup (one-way sync)

As for duplication, If you already have a folder syncing via “sync to odrive”, you do not need to interact with its corresponding content inside the odrive folder. It sounds like you may have performed a recursive sync on C:\users…\odrive\GoogleDrive\Data1 and set folder sync rules to download anything new that arrives in that location. This will sync down the contents there as you push it up from the “sync to odrive” folder. To prevent this duplication, unsync the C:\users…\odrive\GoogleDrive\Data1 folder.

Hi Tony

If I understand correclty I am simply to “ignore” the folder created in the odrive folder and leave it as “un-xynced”.

That sounds acceptable, if a bit confusing. However this may not be possible with the Free Version, correct. Un-Sync seems to only be available for Premium and thus making this impossible.

Is “Sync to odrive” a free feature?

If I use “Sync to odrive” after the free premium triall" will odrive keep the corresponding folder as un-synced to begin with? If the Free version simply synce everything then this will not work.

Hi @anon76823793,

Yes. This is correct.

The free version uses placeholders by default. It only syncs if you explicitly tell it to.

Both unsync and “sync to odrive” are Premium features. For more information, please take a look here: What is free vs paid (premium)?