Sync stops after uploading 1GB

Hi, my Odrive stops syncing after uploading around 1GB data. It seems to freeze, and when I click the Odrive icon on the menu bar, it takes very long to respond. After killing the Odrive process and restart it, Odrive works well, but after uploading another 1GB data, it stops syncing again.

I am a free user with the latest Mac Odrive version. My OS is OS X Yosemite, 10.10.5.

How are you measuring the data upload?
When this happens, can you take a screenshot of the odrive processes in the activity monitor and post here?
Also, when this happens can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?


I think this happened around the date when my trial period expired. After the expire date, the problem was gone, but i can only upload at normal speed.

I appreciate the update.

As for upload speed, the default throttling we perform in the free version is intended to be just enough to try to prevent complete bandwidth saturation, which was a big, big problem for many users, previously. The default throttling is set this way to try to provide a better overall experience and to allow odrive to coexist with the other applications and devices vying for bandwidth on consumer connections.

This all being said, there is room for improvement, and we are working on that stuff currently. Some sources are more susceptible to decreased upload performance with our “normal” throttling. Which source are you linked to?