Sync status/progress indicator and graphs


Who doesn’t like watching a graph showing sync progress. Just knowing progress is important. Also a taskbar item with a progress indicator for total uploads/downloads would be nice.

Progress Bar for files copying?
The authorize screen is not accessible to a screen reader

I know I like graphs :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion.


I would also like a graph or bar (both) that shows overall synchronization progress. Having one at the bottom of the Windows Taskbar would be nice, so I can see it all the time whenever something is being uploaded / downloaded.


Is there somewhere I can see the individual progress of files being uploaded to my amazon drive via odrive?


Hi @kaleb,

The next generation of odrive will have a very detailed UI for tracking sync progress and it will allow users to track the status of each file.

Show overall Sync status %

@Tony, what’s the ETA on this next version?

I have hundreds of thousands of files to sync… it’s frustrating not having any idea what %age of files are left to sync beyond the “waiting to sync” number. I.e., I have no idea if odrive has 3 more hours, or 3 more weeks of syncing work to do. (Let me know if there’s some view I’m missing that would tell me this information today)


Hi @drodio,
There currently isn’t a built-in view that odrive has to tell the user this. If it is a very large upload, you could track the storage growth on the remote side and correlate that to the storage that you are uploading to give you a ball-park estimate.


When Odrive is syncing it shows a list of files but not which folders they are in. Is it possible when you hover over the filename while syncing to show the folder the file is in? Thanks.