Sync Sometimes Doesn't work with Google Drive

I am having a problem in that sink doesn’t seem to always work with Google Drive. This morning I uploaded a folder to Google Drive through Odrive and I checked a couple hours later and the folder was not in Google drive. I ended up losing all the files in that folder because another person went in and populated the parent folder with the same name as the folder I made.
Is there a way to force sink a folder? The files in this specific folder were only 100 KB or so, so really not that big.
(Note Odrive always said that it was completed sinking).
I am not sure, but the trash may of had something to do with the problems, because I was removing and changing around lots of files with the same name this morning without deleting the trash every time. (I had around 45 items in trash when I finished).
Is there any thing I can do too make 100% sure all my files get sinked right away?

Hi @brandonkeithbiggs,
odrive should be trying to sync everything almost immediately, unless it is busy with other tasks.

Google Drive is a little bit too flexible in what it allows to happen on the cloud, including duplicate file and folder names in the same path. Did you check Google Drive’s web client for the folder? Additionally, is there anything relevant listed in “Recent”:

Also, if you select “view details” when you have the folder in question highlighted, it will list all of the actions taken in that folder since it was created. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything listed there that shows anything about your own data.

Are you able to go over the scenario with me in a bit more detail, including your actions and then the later actions of the other person? I just want to make sure I’ve got it correct. If you haven’t restarted odrive yet, can you also send over a diagnostic. I know we have an issue with readers on the diagnostic screen, but you should just be able to hit “enter” after bringing it up from the odrive tray menu.