Sync of 44 GB of photos at Amazon Cloudrive to local disk would not work

After a trip to Australia and NZ I wanted to sync my local harddrive with the 44GB of photos stored in the Amazon clouddrive.

This is impossible: the odrive error message I get is that Sync stopped working. Is there is a problem prohibiting AC to download such huge datasets?

To be clear on the scenario, you have 44GB of photos in Amazon Cloud Drive that you are trying to sync locally? If so, can you tell me how you went about trying to sync them down? Was it done using a right-click->sync?

Are you able to provide the exact error message you saw? “Sync stopped working” is not an error we would expect you to see.

Are you able to reproduce this? If so, can you provide a screenshot of the error message and a diagnostic (from the odrive tray menu).

To answer your last question, there isn’t any limitation on syncing down a dataset of this size, aside from potential rate limits imposed by Amazon.


High Tony,

I had this problem on a computer at work. At home I try to simulate the situation; and it starts getting weird: after exiting odrive and removal of the directory (that is now only on Amazon Cloud) and restarting the computer it says that it is “in sync” yet it obviously is not. Please observe the screenshots at the pdf at

Hi Karl,
You deleted the directory in odrive? Did you empty the trash? If you did not then the delete will be retained in the trash and appear deleted locally. Once you commit the action by emptying the trash the folder will be deleted from the cloud.

Can you tell me if this is the current situation?


Hi Tony,

yes, I moved the files (after exiting the odrive client) to another location "outside of odrive’s realm.

After restarting the computer odrive realized I had “deleted” the files, and showed it in the delete section. I undeleted this folder and try to re-sync the files from Amazon Clouddrive.

As a result odrive did non sy<nc the folders properly: some of the files (approx 500 MB) were sync’ed; most of them not. (I have a rel. strong connection (70MB/s) at home and let it run overnight. But, at home, no error message showed up. It just did nothing.

At work I manually copied the photos now into the respective folder (after exiting odrive); and they appear to be perfectly sync’ed now.

Sorry I cannot reproduce the error message.

Thanks. It sounds like you have things working now, but let me know if something else comes up.