Sync locally from cloud folder

Okay, Odrivers. I may be missing something.

I recently upgraded to Pro after the free account expired. All of my local files instantly turned into .cloudf files, and even after resetting Set auto download to Always download nothing is happening. The only way I’ve found to update things is to manually choose each of the local files and Sync from the right click menu.

There are recursive settings shown in the ‘Sync Your odrive’ section of the online manual, but I don’t see those settings anywhere when I right click the folders. Are the settings different in Windows 10?

And secondly, I need to do next is replicate the folders to a new GDrive account. If I associate the new account with an existing, updated local folder, will it automatically upload, or will I need to manually refresh everything again?

Hi @lee,
The recursive settings you mentioned are what you are looking for.

What do you see when you right-click->sync on a folder? Sometimes the window can end up hidden behind other windows, so make sure that is not the case.

For replicating the folders to a Google Drive account, can you give me a little bit more info on that? Are you trying to mirror data in another cloud storage account into Google Drive?