Sync From Amazon Drive Must be performed Folder by Folder

I am trying to pull all my data from Amazon Drive in anticipation of my account renewal but I select the root Amazon Drive Folder and “Sync” with “Everything” and “Include Subfolders” but the sync does not seem to be including folders and subfolders. I seem to have to select each folder individually.

Do I need to reset something? What can I do as I have thousands of folders and want to sync the data locally so I can move to another storage solution.


Hi @miles202,
Sometimes the fact that the recursive sync function may be drilling down the structure before starting to sync the files can cause some confusion and look like its not syncing, from the top layers of the structure.

Are you seeing any messages after trying to recursively sync, or does it seem to just stop?
Are you seeing that folders are expanding, and placeholder are laid down, or are all subfolders remaining .cloudf placeholder files?

If the above does not explain what you are seeing, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu after trying another recursive sync?