Sync from Amazon Cloud to Desktop

I decided to move my odrive to a different location. Rather than locally copying all of the odrive files to the new location I just set up the odrive in the new location and set it to sync all off the files from the cloud to the new location. It was a heafty amount (~1.7TB) of information to sync (download) from the cloud to the new local location but it seemed to be working okay. After syncing ~90GB of data it quit and said it couldn’t do it.

Any thoughts?

Also what is the configuration setup I need to ensure all files added to the cloud (from the various computers I have) get synced to this local spot I have designated?


Hi @tigertracks,
When you say it “quit”, can you tell me what you mean by that? Was there an error that was shown? If you retry the bulk download operation, does it continue on, or does it hit the same issue?

Can you clarify what you mean here? I am not clear on what the configuration is or what you want to accomplish.