Sync features no longer appear in windows explorer

I can no longer see the options to sync files or folders in the context menu’ in windows explorer. Can’t find what is wrong. Any suggestions?

Hi @verheijp,
Do you see any sync icons on the files (checkmark or circular activity), or are those gone too?

Are all of the context menu option missing?

Has anything changed recently and have you tried restarting Windows yet?

Hi @Tony,

No I don’t see the icons anymore. All of the context menu are missing. I did restart windows with no effect. Odrive is in systemtray but grey. It says no sync folders registered.

Don’t know what happened. Any ideas? Did something change with login features? I think I used to login with email and password. And now I can only login via third part accounts. Could this be the cause?

Regards, Peter

Hi @verheijp,
Do you know if anything on your system changed recently? Windows update, addition or update of anti-virus or other endpoint protection software?

What version of Windows are you running?

The odrive login has actually always been via OAuth with a user-chosen authenticator, so that hasn’t changed.

Have you tried installing the latest version from here?

It is possible that a full install of the latest version can get things back in order.

Hi @Tony,

I tried installing the lates version and that did the trick. Everything back to normal!

Thank you so uch for your help.

Regards, Peter

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Great! Thanks for the update @verheijp!