Sync external drive with Amazon Drive

I am struggling to understand how Odrive works. I have unlimited Amazon cloud storage. What I really want to do is, anytime I add a file to my external drive, it should automatically sync with my Amazon cloud. I don’t want to use my hard disk space. When I try to sync it keeps taking up my hard disk space. Any help is greatly appreciated. One of my link storage is Amazon Cloud drive.

Hi @sreemanoj,
When you say it is using your hard drive space, can you clarify what that means? Where are you seeing the files show up?

If you mean the items in the default odrive folder, do you know if you have folder sync rules setup that will cause odrive to automatically sync down any new changes?

It may help if you can post a couple of screenshots of where you are seeing these files that are unwanted.

I meant my C drive. I am not sure about what you are saying. What I did was I linked the cloud in Odrive site. Then I right clicked the folders I want to back up and selected those folders. This doesn’t seem to work. I don’t see any latest changes or files there. I would appreciate if somebody can provide by step by step help.
Like I said, I have an external drive and when I add files to this folder, this should automatically save to Amazon cloud. I don’t have any screenshots as I un-synced those. It was taking up my hard disk space to an extend, I was not even able to open or use my laptop and that is how I realized something is not right. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @sreemanoj,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu? That will give me a better view into what you have setup.

I just sent that one.

Hi @sreemanoj,
It looks like your “sync to odrive” folders are being reported as “missing”. You can find this in the odrive tray menu.

Did you happen to remove the external drive at some point?

In any case, if you click on the folder listed in the tray menu AND the external drive is properly connected, odrive should now find it and sync should resume.


I did disconnect because sync is not working. Also, I am not planning to connect the external drive all the time. Like I said, whenever I move the file only I will be connecting the external drive. I did resume the sync, but it is still not working. I am attaching a screenshot where you can see some folders are showing completed sync, but if I go to Amazon, the files are missing. Also, one folder with pink icon showing sync is in progress, never gets completed. I have connected through out the night and few days before, but no luck.

Hi @sreemanoj,
After connecting the drive and getting rid of the “missing” status on the “sync to odrive folders”, I would need to take a look at another diagnostic to see what the current issue is. Can you send that over?

Sent the diagnostics.

Hi @sreemanoj,
Can you try one more time? It didn’t seem to make it through.

Just sent the diagnostics.

Hi @sreemanoj,
The diagnostics still show your “sync to odrive” folders as “missing”. Please take a look at my example

You will need to clear this issue if you want to be able to sync any content in those folders. Please make sure the external drive is connected (as D:) and then go to the “Sync to odrive” section in the odrive tray menu, and click on each folder listed. That should go out and try to find those folders again. If it can find them then it will open the folder. If it can’t find it then it will ask you if you want to find the folder, with a message like this:

Can you please go through those steps and, making sure each folder no longer shows [missing], and then see if sync works correctly?

If you remove the drive again, you will need to click on the folders listed to “re-find” them.


I removed it after connecting for two days. I am not sure what troubleshooting you are doing. I totally understand how it should work. The problem is it is not working for me. I can’t connect the external drive to my laptop at all times. As I mentioned few times before plus the screenshot. Even the folders it shows synced up is not synched. If the software won’t work, just let me know. You are just keep saying the same thing, which I have done so many times.

Hi @sreemanoj,
In order for me to look at the sync issue you are describing, I need a diagnostic that captures it. So far the diagnostics sent all show that the sync to odrive folders are missing, which, of course, is going to cause sync problems.

If you can reproduce the sync issue, after resolving the “missing” issue, I can take a look. When you do, please also provide the path to the files/folders that are not syncing.