Sync desktop folder from multiple computers + Cryptolocker "protection"

I work in a computer store and I’m looking for a “set and forget” cloud backup service we could recommend/sell to our customers. I have a few questions.

  1. Do you have a reseller program?

  2. I want to be able to add one or several folders (i.e. C:\Users) so that it’s always backed up to the cloud. If the customer accidentally deletes a file or overwrites a file (i.e. a Word-file) I would like to be able to restore an earlier version of this file from the cloud. Does odrive support this?

  3. Will odrive “protect” the customers files in the cloud against crypto-viruses? The scenario is that the customer use odrive on a daily basis and then gets it’s files on the local computer encrypted. Will we be able to restore “healthy” files from the cloud? Or will odrive upload the encrypted files and replace the healthy ones?

  4. Can I keep local folders synced over several computers? I.e. if I want the folder C:\users"profilename"\Documents\ to be synced on 3 computers with the same content on all 3 computers. How do I go about to make that happen?

  5. In the scenario where I have 3 computers and I have odrive installed and want to keep them separated. Does odrive support this so there will not be any conflict with same-name folders? I.e. if I want to keep the folder C:\users\john\documents\ synced to the cloud on each computer but don’t want to merge all 3 computers document-folder in the cloud into one? Can I chose where I want a folder to be stored in the cloud? I.e. I want C:\users\john\documents\ to be synced to the folder \JohnsDesktop-1\C\users\john\documents\

Right now we’re recommending our customers to buy InSync with extra Google Drive storage but some functions are missing for us.

regards, Patrik

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Hi @patriklbs,
Thanks for reaching out.

  1. We don’t plan to have a reseller program, but we are discussing a referral program that may be of interest. I can place you on our list for follow-up one this, once it solidifies more.

  2. Our upcoming backup feature will support this type of a use case, including versioning.

  3. With backup versioning, you would be able access a previous version of the file, if the current one was tampered with by something like this.

odrive progressive sync with placeholders also combats this when files and folders are in an unsynced state:

  1. This can be done using our “sync to odrive” feature. You can read more about this here:

I wrote a post about how I use this on my own systems, here:

  1. If I am understanding this correctly, then yes, you can. The “sync to odrive” feature will allow you to sync any folder to any location in the cloud. The relationship is what you make it, so you can have a mapping like this:
    Computer 1: Documents -> Amazon Drive\Computer1\Documents
    Computer 2: Documents -> Amazon Drive\Computer2\Documents
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