Stream media as it syncs

Currently, odrive must download an entire file first before it can be opened. Is there any plan to change implementation so that files (namely media files) can be opened and streamed as they are downloaded by odrive? This would make a big difference for those of us who store large media in the cloud and would like to unsync that media from local storage. Other services offer this ability, but odrive has many other benefits that I’d love to see it implemented here!

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This could be crazy good! I work with media and I cant have all my videos, photos and music on my computer disk. So this could be really good for me.

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This is possible using odrive Agent using the “stream” command and VLC with its “-” parameter. Odrive Sync Agent: A CLI/scriptable interface for odrive’s Progressive Sync Engine for Linux, OS X, and Windows

Keep in mind that Agent is separate from the odrive Desktop Client, but they can run concurrently. Just make sure that they are not acting on the same folders/files or you could get some unexpected/bad behavior.


Good to know! But there is any possibility to implement this in the Desktop Client? I’m not familiar with command lines. :grin: