Stopped Syncing odrive on Mac

Hello All,

Once my 7 day trial has expired my odrive stopped updating my files automatically.


Was it part of a “sync to odrive” folder? This would be a folder that is outside the odrive folder that you chose to sync into odrive.

For clarification, normal sync will still work just fine. So anything inside the odrive folder will retain full sync functionality. Its the advanced features, like “sync to odrive” where you are syncing folders outside of the odrive folder to the cloud that will no longer sync.

If this is the case, you can move or copy the files into a location inside the odrive folder to sync those to the cloud.

You can take a look at this page for more information on the difference between free and premium.

got it! how do I remap my photos and desktop so they sync? I only need that one feature

With premium you can just right-click -> “sync to odrive” with those two folders and point them to the desired location in odrive.

Hi… sorry I meant without premium


If you like you can relocate your Desktop and Photos folders to a location inside odrive. You do this by right-clicking on the Desktop or Pictures folder and selecting “Location”. You can then point it to a place in odrive. Presumably, if you previous had this setup with Premium, you would point it to that folder.

got it, I can do this on a mac?

Mac doesn’t have the same type of built-in options, but there are ways that you could move your folders into odrive and then create links to them externally.

This starts getting into more advanced usage and out of the areas that we can officially support, but you can take a look at this article for more info:

Something to keep in mind, which is the method the above article uses, is that you should not put symlinks inside the odrive folder, for a variety of reason, but creating a symlink outside the odrive folder that points to content inside is okay since odrive will get to work with the actual paths instead of following symlinks.

sorry, can you rephrase that?

Symlinks inside the odrive can result in unexpected behavior.

So i need to move the desktop folder to the odrive folder? is that even possible?

Yes it is possible. Please look at the article I linked to above.

I got it working… Thank you I messed up on a super user command but I was able to instantly fix it. A little nerve wracking. You are the man!

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