Slow download from cloud via Odrive shared link

I am really excited with Odrive features. I am totally blind man and ODrive helps me a lot. However, one thing is not good as I can see right now. Its downloading files via ODrive platform, shared link. Speed is not good. I am curious, how download technique working? Are you downloading in the same time from the original cloud or? Its 4 times slower from original source. WHat’s the purpose of download if it will be so slow?

Hi @agasoft,
Can you tell me what storage service you are using and where you are located? These factors can play an important part in the speed you see.

Can you also tell me how slow the speed is?


Hi. I am living in Serbia, Europe. Tried with DropBox and OneDrive. For example, with original OneDrive link, I have speed at 2,6 MB sec. With ODrive link, spead starting from 1,3 MB sec and falling down between 600 and 900 KB sec. Sometimes, its 450 KB sec. I compared with the same files.

No any solution? Am I only one with slower down speed? :frowning:

odrive shared links go through a different service, and it may be that the instance being routed through is not as fast for you as the instance you hit when going through Dropbox’s own shared link feature.

It is dependent on a few different factors, but there may be nothing that can be done to boost the speed, at the moment.

How are speeds when syncing with the odrive desktop client instead of via a shared link?