Since the Update i cant sync some Folders

that, since the update i cant sync some folders from my ftp cloud

Hi @aldobf,
Is this happening when you are trying to expand a folder?
Is it on any folder, or just this specific one?
Are you able to get to this item using the odrive web client (

Can you click on the “send diagnostics” link in the odrive tray menu and let me know when that is complete?

Ready, i send the diagnostic.
This happend when y sync a folder.
Its happend in a random folder.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I saw a few intermittent network issues that may have caused some problems. It also looks like you were performing a recursive sync of large structures. Sometimes you will see an error if an item in that structure fails for some reason. Generally retrying to action will get past it.

Are you still seeing these errors regularly without being able to resolve? If so can you reproduce the error and send another diagnostic along with the path receiving the error?


i reproduce the error and send report.

Can you try the following to get rid of these errors?

  1. Unsync the link that is having these problems so that the whole folder collapses down to a .cloudf placeholder
  2. Unlink the link
  3. Re-link

I think doing this will allow you to sync again normally.