Signing to Closed Business Account

My main computer on reboot today told me my account had been signed out and to sign in again. When I click on the link to sign in, I am presented with the only option to login to a OneDrive Business Account. That access to OneDrive Business no longer exists as I left that organization years ago. How do I get odrive back connected when that Microsoft (university) account has been terminated? Thanks.

Hi @hansonm,
Apologies for the trouble.

Due to the security protocols required for login, you can only switch to a new account for login after signing-in with your current account. This ensures that the user has verified, authorized access to both accounts and has the proper authority to make the switch. Unfortunately this means we can’t switch/migrate your existing account to a new one.

How to proceed:

  • You create a new odrive account using the login you prefer
  • We close the old account and refund any remaining subscription, if you have one.
  • You can re-purchase your subscription on the new account (if applicable).
  • You would then want to link the storage you need access to to the new account. Since all of your data is safely stored on your remote storage (and not in odrive), you can access it all on the new account, once you’ve linked the proper storage accounts again.
  • Finally, you will want to uninstall and then reinstall the odrive desktop client, signing-in with your new account.

Just let me know if you have any questions on the above and how we can assist further.

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I think I understand your directions. However, the “old” business account used for odrive I fear no longer exists–I resigned from the position and I think they have finally deleted my account. therefore I think any of the data/files I had on that “old” business account in OneDrive are now extinct. When I use the web interface I can see the directories in odrive, but the file type is cloud and I can’t access the data/files. So following your directions, I cannot create a new odrive account with the “old” business account–correct?

Hi @hansonm,
That is correct. You will need to create a new odrive account using an account type that you have current access to.

To create a new account you can go to this link: odrive | Sign up

Click on the “Sign in as another user” option if it is currently only showing your previous account.