Setup 'org' subscription but my individual account still says "Upgrade to Premium"

I setup the subscription for the org, and the org states “Annual Premium Org Subscription” start date 7/15/2018. But my user account, the only member of the org currently, doesn’t seem to have premium, it still says “Upgrade to Premium” in the upper right.

Hi @mark.ericson,
This is a UI quirk when using Orgs. You will find that you have all of the Premium features for that user, but the UI will show the “Upgrade to Premium” message. Apologies for the confusion.

How can I confirm I have Premium? I noticed the Windows 10 client also shows ‘upgrade your account’ on the menu.

Hi @mark.ericson,
You should be able to perform all of the Premium functions, like unsync, creating “sync to odrive” folders, setting up Encryptor folders, etc.

I had the accounts team verify that your user account has an Org Premium subscription tied to it. You can also go to, click on your Org name, and go to the subscriptions page to verify your Org subscription.

Why hasn’t this UI quirk been fixed after 2 years?

Hi @jencodb,
This has definitely been outstanding for a while. I will ping the product group on it.

Hi @jencodb,
This is fixed now:

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