Server Transfers log

Is there a location I can access a transfers log for the File server? I know there is a 24 hour history that is accessible from the Web portal. But I need to look back further than 24 hours.

The activity log on the file server only goes back 24 hours.

We’ve actually suspended development on the file server to concentrate on other, prominent integrations that can be used as a replacement for the file server. Integrations like WebDAV, SFTP, and FTP.

Have you considered a WebDAV server? What is your use case?


Just trying to identify if certain files were tampered with.

I didnt realize you are not furthering the development of the file server. That is disappointing given how well it has been working and its friendly interface. What is your recommendation for its replacement? I would need to be able to manage users and groups as in the oDrive file server. A live log of transfer activity/Errors is also a great plus as well.

Are you running a Windows Server OS or Linux? In either case, actually, I would recommend trying WebDAV. I can offer more information on this, if you need. With WebDAV you can utilize the underlying filesystem permissions for user and group access. You can also enable granular logging to track activity.

I am running a Windows Server box. If you can give me more information on setting up a WebDAV, that would be great. I haven’t set one up before, sad that the oDrive server app is going obsolete.