Selecting multiple files for sync should sync all files/folders


When you select multiple folders and then use the contextual menu to starting syncing the folders, all selected items should be included in the sync. On MacOS, with the latest version of the odrive software and Finder integration, only first selected folder is cued for syncing.

Related is that recursing into folders and the default max download should be specified in the preferences and there should be a second contextual item for syncing differently—the dialog interface for syncing breaks with good UI design and usability in this case.


Same here, also on Windows.


Same here on Windows Explorer


It would be great if it was possible to select multiples files in windows explorer, and then right-click and select sync, and all the selected files would sync.

At this moment, only the last selected file is synced.


Same here. On Windows and OSX


This is something we have on our list.


Any update on this?

Most of my folders have several small data/image files and a few large video files. I would love to be able to easily unsync the video files and or unsync the folder and sync quickly the files I want.



We haven’t yet decided when to re-introduce multiple selected files sync but definitely it is in our list. There are alternative ways to achieve similar results:

Method-I (Unofficial): this way of syncing is only recommended for placeholder folders (don’t try this on files until you are ok with closing the native apps per file)

  1. Select multiple folders (In Windows selection must not exceed more than 15 items)
  2. Right-click --> Open (OS menu option without infinity icon)
  3. Wait, here you observe odrive will expand all folders one by one and browse you into it. Good thing is, it will also obey the “auto download limit” set in your odrive tray menu =)


  1. Select parent folder contains your files / folders having different sizes as placeholders
  2. Right-click --> Sync (with infinity icon), It will open sync dialog with couple of very useful options
  3. Move the slider to left to reduce or right to increase the downloadable file size (MB), this means any file exceeding the set value will not be downloaded. This way you can still download multiple files while other large size files won’t be downloaded. Similarly, you can set to include sub-folder which will follow the same rule during expansion in single go (as recursive sync operation).

Please learn more about odrive here:

We’ll post into this thread or announce in the forum whenever, requested feature is available for end users but currently, we cannot promise the time frame.



Another vote for this. This limitation completely eliminates one of my primary intended uses for odrive.


The reply from Asif above was 7 months ago and it seems that one still can’t select the folders at once…I am on a trial period and before I enroll I would like to know if some of these features will be worked out?


This is still planned. I know it seems like a basic request, but there are complexities to it in the current engine. We will be revisiting this once the next major version is out.

Selectively syncing by file not working

Would like to bump this request again. It goes without saying I am a HUGE fan of this tool and I use it daily. I plan on being a customer for a long time. Multi-select is something I am really missing as far as daily file operations go when syncing and unsyncing content on my Mac.


Count me in.

This is about the only feature that is missing for me. I’m loving the functionality otherwise. Couldn’t be more happier with it!

This would truly check the last thing off.


I am currently doing this using the CLI. A basic example –

find . -newermt 20170610 \! -newermt 20170611 | while read line ; do odrive sync $line; done

Not really optimal, could probably be modified to run many syncs in parallel, but the above finds all files in the current directory modified on June 10 2017 and runs odrive sync on them.

This should really be possible in the UI


I need the multi select for files and folders. Working with a lot of pictures in jpg and raw format. The raw pics are large and are continuously synced and un-synced per photo project. Doing each file separately becomes a big effort for 1,000+ files.

Pse bump this up the list of priority.


Not being able to select (well, Finder lets you select multiple files, the “sync” contextual menu item just doesn’t do anything) is a real PITA, especially with that Amazon issue. Having to go through hundreds of files one-by-one is not fun.