Selecting files to 'sync' only syncs the last selected filed in a group

Pretty much what the topic says. I have a several .cloud files that I’m trying to sync back on my local machine. Let’s say I select 5 of the .cloud files, if I right click the group and click sync only 1 of the 5 files will actually sync (usually the last file selected from the group). I have 512 files I need to sync back on my machine and currently I’m having to right click on each file and click ‘sync’ for the pink sync. Is this by design or a bug?

It’s currently a bug. Multi-select files then right-click --> Sync on it will just sync the last file.

For now, you can select the parent folder and use right-click --> Sync on the folder (it will bring up a dialog that lets you decide to sync all of the files in the folder under a certain size (or all of them) and also if you want to recursively go down subdirectories to sync files in them, too). Going into the folder of choice and selecting whitespace to right-click --> Sync achieves the same effect.

The workaround (right-click Sync on a folder) still doesn’t give perfect granular control, but I hope you can use it to help you until the bug is fixed.


Hi Jeff!

I also experienced the same thing. I would love this feature as it will give more control. It’s about the only thing lacking for me with odrive :slight_smile:

Otherwise, it’s amazing program and I love it.

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