Search functionality for the odrive web client

Does odrive web interface have search functionality?


There isn’t a search functionality on the web client, but I have marked this as a feature request for consideration.



If your using Google Drive or Dropbox then you are already have a superior search client on the web.

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Yes - Primary use for me is browsing gmail attachments (eg search inside) - no search functionality here

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Hi, people!

I think that It will be a great feature If the Odrive’s site had a search bar to look for files/folders! :smiley:

And It had the possibility to organize the files and folders view according the view’s columns…

Thank for the great service! :grin:


My envisioned use case was being able to search files across storage. I like how odrive can connect to all of the storage solutions - is there a way to search across the files I’ve connected? I know I can do that locally but I’m asking about web specifically. Thanks!

Hi @cbenkendorf,
We don’t have a search function in the odrive1 web client. We have a “filter” ability in the odrive2 web client, but it only applies to the currently selected folder.

It would definitely be a cool feature, but it isn’t something we’ve pursued yet.