Search for files in un-synced directories

I have to say I really love Odrive, mainly the ability to offload files to save space on my drive.

There’s some areas to improve of course, like the ability to rebuild databases when a folder full of cloudf files gets moved out of an odrive folder, but that’s how it goes…

Anyway, I’ve noticed that when I need to search for a file by name, unsynced Odrive folders are not searchable on my mac, because unsync=remove folder contents, therefore there’s nothing to search.

When Odrive unsyncs a folder, I need it to RETAIN SOMETHING FOR EACH FILE AND FOLDER ON MY HARD DRIVE - LIKE REPLACE files and folders with zero byte equivalents, all the way down deep into the file trees, so when I run local machine searches the files can be found by name, then I can optionally re-sync files back. I understand. the .cloud extension will prevent me from doing extension-based searches, but name-based searches are better than no search results for unsynced files.

On more than one occasion, I’ve freaked out thinking a file was deleted, when in fact it was just fine, but buried deep into unsynced folders so I couldn’t find it by name. Please fix!




Hi @spacecommguy,
Currently, when you unsync a folder, it collapses it down to a single folder placeholder. It sounds like you would like to be able to unsync recursively, but leave the structure exposed, is that correct?

There is a similar thread here that offers a couple of suggestions that may work for your use case: Unsync folder erase from view what is below

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+1 for this feature request. I agree with the OP that the ability to search for filenames in unsynced folders is a very important (i.e. borderline critical) feature that is currently lacking in the mac sync utility. This should be doable without using the CLI in my opinion. I suggest adding this into your product backlog if not already there.

thanks for the great product,

+1 for this on mac. Having that index tied into spotlight and/or finder is really needed.


The ability to search archived files (at least by file name) would be a HUGE benefit!

+1 for robust searching capability.

Yes! +1 for the ability to search archived files . I would love for me that too.

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