Saving file twice before sync of first save ends creates conflict file


loving odrive, no question about it., my only pain is the CONFLICT files. No question, this happens every time. If I save changes in a large file, sync starts up. If I save additional changes of the same file before the sync of first save (changes) finishes, odrive creates a second file with (conflict) in name and makes first file 0 byte.
windows 10, latest odrive software as of Jan 29, 2016
thank you

Hi Endre,
Can you tell me which source you are saving to when reproducing this? Can you also give me some details on the type of file and the size so we can try to reproduce here?


ONEDRIVE is where I keep getting the conflict issue. I don’t sync other clouds, so I’m not sure if it is issue with other clouds, thank you for the quick reply


Thanks Endre. Can you also give me some info on the characteristics of the files? Size, type, and application used to create and edit them.


This happens about every file type. I have this issue for MS Word,Excel files 2013, CA ErWin 9, Intuit Quicken etc. File size ranges from 100k to 6G. I can produce it with any file types and about any file sizes if I don’t let it finish the syncing of last update and I save again while in the application. I like to save periodically when in apps, so I’m just checking constantly if any syncing is in progress and I wait to complete the syncing. I have no problem at all if I do.
Thank you

Hi Endre, can you send us the diagnostics by right clicking on the system tray icon, and let me know when it’s sent? I’d like to take a peek at the logs to see if we ca identify the issue.

I swear I’m trying about every files and file types to reproduce this for two days now. No luck… crazy… I wonder if the latest downloaded version fixed it. As soon as I see a conflict I send diag and update this thread.
thank you for your time for now

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Thanks Endre, keep us updated and let me know if you run in to this again!