Save odrive folders in different locations

i am trying to decide if i want odrive vs all-in-one cloud storage. one specific need i have is being able to store certain cloud backups in one location, while others in another location. specifically my photos (over 50GB worth) i want to have relatively accessible in a home networked drive. but my personal documents immediately accessible in my computer. i want a single method to have them backed up on a cloud-- would odrive allow me to backup my photos (on amazondrive) to one location (my network drive) and my personal documents to another (my computer). i am on a mac, btw.

Hi @sumsriv,
Since it sounds like you are looking for what I would call “traditional” backup, I would recommend waiting for our next major release (currently in development), which will have a backup feature. With this feature you can target folders to backup to your remote storage in the way you are describing.

It is currently possible to sync folders in this way, but it is a full bi-directional sync, which is a lot heavier than traditional backup and will sync changes from remote to local, as well as local to remote, including deletes. This is often not really what users want when they are looking for a bulk backup solution.

If you are interested in my thoughts on backup vs sync and where each is applicable, take a look at this post here: Backup (one-way sync)