Running CLI tool in Linux

Hi @damianhenry,
I don’t understand the issue you are seeing. Can you provide more details? The remaining percentages indicate that odrive is busy syncing large files (what looks like a few of them).

The first number (like 1.8GB), indicates how much of the file is left to be downloaded. The percentage indicates the percentage complete that file is. Usually you would only see one of these status listed at a time, so it makes more sense. Since you are running multiple threads, the status are all coming at the same time, so you can’t really tell which belongs to which file.

If you want to get some additional information about what odrive is currently working on, you can use the status commands.

Here is a good one-liner you can run in another terminal window to monitor the sync activity. Just copy, paste, and hit enter:
watch -n 5 'date && ~/.odrive-agent/bin/odrive status --sync_requests && ~/.odrive-agent/bin/odrive status --downloads && ~/.odrive-agent/bin/odrive status --uploads && ~/.odrive-agent/bin/odrive status --background && tail ~/.odrive-agent/log/main.log'

No erros just curious if its suppose to look like the above.

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Yeah, the status from the script can be confusing as you have more concurrent processes. The little script I posted above will give you a much better view of what odrive is doing, so give that a shot.

So now everytime I try to run the threaded or non threaded script I get nothing.

You have made too many requests recently and hit this limit. Please wait a few minutes before making additional requests to Amazon Cloud Drive.

I waited 8 Hours and nothing

Hi @damianhenry,
Can you reproduce that error message and then use the diagnostics command to send a diagnostic, so I can take a look.

Can you also post a screenshot of the terminal when you get the error?

Unfortunately, if Amazon is preventing API calls, there isn’t anything we can do, although I don’t think I have heard of them cutting off requests, completely.

Are you able to browse Amazon Drive from the webclient? (

I am able to browser from web client

I did move from 4 threads to 6 and than 8

Hi @damianhenry,
Taking a look at the logs it looks like they are limiting downloads, but not other API calls (folder refreshes and expands are working, for example). It is possible you hit some sort of hard limit for number of downloads within a certain period of time, which means the only thing you can probably do is wait it out.

Out of curiosity, are you able to download a file from the odrive web client?

I cant download from anything and when I go to amazon all of my files are broken.

I am on the phone with them now. They will take my photos anytime of the day but when you need data they play these games… One of the reasons I want off Amazon.

Hey @damianhenry,
I went and looked back at some previous support issues and there actually have been some instances of this in the past (It hadn’t been reported for quite a while, so I had forgotten). It basically ended up being a “soft” ban and lasted 24-48 hours. Amazon support may end up telling you the same thing.

So is 4 threads safe ?

I’m not sure. Under normal circumstances it is, but I would suggest starting at 2 and go from there once you are allowed to download again.

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