Right Click Not working or file explorer not opening pinned items in taskbar

On Win10:

On running odrive I get different related issues: pinned file explorer nor opening or not opening certain folders, click on taskbar stops working, or just right click, etc…

If I exit odrive right click and opening items pinned to the taskbar works just fine.

Hi @gcgspain,
The pinned items is, unfortunately, a known issue. It is something that has been addressed in the next generation of odrive, but we haven’t been able to release that yet (hopefully soon, though).

The other issues are unexpected. Can you elaborate on those?

Hi @Tony,

Thanks for your reply.

I have solved the right click issues by disabling the odrive right click menu shell extensions, in fact just by closing odrive I would get back my right click menu on the taskbar.

The click on taskbar not responding happens intermitently but I can’t really elaborate further, all I know is that it started happenning when installing odrive. As it doesn’t happen all the time it could well be a windows fall update issue as the update happened around the same time. I not only loose the right click on the taskbar pinned icons but also the main click too, including the start menu.

I will keep testing things out and see if I come up with anything else.

Thanks for the update @gcgspain.

The next generation odrive extension is better integrated a solves a few problems that we have in the current release. Apologies for the inconvenience.