Restore deleted files from Amazon Drive's Trash

Somehow a large number of my recent workflow files on my external hard drive were deleted. As a result the are now in my Amazon Drive’s Trash.

I use ODrive to connect my external drive to my Amazon Drive.

How can I restore the files form the Trash on my Amazon Drive and my external hard drive ?

I need to resolve this issue before the Amazon Drive Trash deletes the completely in 30 days.


Hi @bfreelove325,
You can restore them using Amazon’s web client. ( If you click on the check-mark column you can select all entries and then select “Restore” on the top right.

Thank Tony… One more question for you. Once I’ve restored them on my Amazon Drive will ODrive sync them with my external drive and restore them there? Or, do I need to do something else to get them back on my external drive?

Again thanks for your prompt reply.

Hi @bfreelove325,
Once you restore them you will see the files/folders show up as placeholder, if you still have your external drive setup to sync to Amazon Drive. From there you can recursively sync down the content: