Renaming Files - Changing Date Taken Parameter

Can someone clarify. I’m using over 200GB for photos/videos of various size on Amazon Drive and I’m in the process of renaming and adding and/or creating “Date Taken” parameter on files that had been previously synchronized.

My trash is always full and I’m always synchronizing.

From my prospective it appears that the change of either file or “Date Taken” parameter is triggering a delete/sync process. Am I right? If so is there a way to avoid generating all this traffic.

Thank you.


Can you walk me through how you are adding this parameter to the file? I want to make sure I am doing the same thing you are.

In general, if you are changing the file data, odrive will need to upload the new version of the file, so a re-upload is not unexpected. I don’t expect items to go into the trash, though, so I want to make sure we are performing the right operations in this case.

To change date Taken I’m using a app called “JHEAD.EXE”. The steps are as follows:

  1. Run jhead with mkexif parameter - Creates EXIF section for files if needed
  2. Run jhead with ts parameter - Set “Date Taken”
  3. Re-name files to reflect “Date Taken” field…

I don’t have a problem with my changes triggering a re-upload. The problem is that I have to re-initiate the “Empty Trash” command every 10 to 15 minutes.

If I could monitor a log file it would be of great help.

I haven’t forgotten about this. I was taking a look at the trashing behavior, but haven’t had a chance to fully test. I have a feeling the data change + the rename is causing odrive to see things as a delete and add of a new file. If you rename first, allow that to sync (should be quick) and then change the EXIF data, does it behave better?